Bande Italiane

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1. Espinita (Intro) – Banda Ionica
2. Espinita – Banda Ionica – (featuring Macaco MonoLoco)
3. Sotu Sotu – Opa Cupa
4. Opa Cupa – Opa Cupa
5. Klezmex – Banda Olifante
6. Casbah Funk – Banda Olifante
7. Lake Populake – Bandadriatica
8. Lascia Che Sia La Musica – Bandadriatica
9. CPT, Due Inutili Parole – Opa Cupa
10. Exstasi Di Stelle Salenti – Opa Cupa
11. Biba Zoom – Banda Olifante
12. Gypsy Train – Municipale Balcanica
13. S.S. Christo Alla Colonna – Banda Ionica
14. Lorenzo In Sicilia – Banda Ionica

Anyone who believed that the wonderful madness with which brass bands moved our hips, our hearts and our minds could only come from the Balkans or New Orleans had never heard any of the wild new Italian bandas. For about 15 years, now young musicians in different parts of Italy have not only been taking up the concept of that creative social cooperative, the banda, but also updating, urbanising and globalising the music: exciting and wild, passionate and dynamic, intense and humorous, dramatic and open-minded, altogether non-nationalist, sometimes sentimental.