Jockey Tunes #2

galopp records


1. Odjbox – Saraghina
2. Klischée – Tin Tin
3. Frohlocker – Blu Men
4. Mash & Munkee – Maharani Soul
5. Unique sun Unique Blood (DJ Farrapo Remix)

After two years of strolling through the depths of genuine freestyle music, german label Galopp Records proudly presents some fresh produce: “Jockey Tunes Vol.2”, their second compilation, hits the stores in late 2011 and comes up with a colorful bunch of diverse freestyle tunes.
The opening track “Saranghina” comes from Hatfield-based producer ODJBOX, who lately released two Digital EPs focusing on electro swing. “Saranghina” combines Electro-Swing and Balkan elements joined by subtle broken beats, creating a laid-back yet hip-shaking mélange.
It takes the upcoming Electro-Swing Live Act KLISCHÉE from Switzerland to increase the pace by throwing “Tin Tin” in the ring. Jazz’n’Swing’n’Club’n’Beats…move, my dear, move!
It’s been a while since they released “Hipbrass” in Spring 2009 and time is overdue for some fresh sounds by DJ-Duo/producers FROHLOCKER. So here we are, introducing “The Blu Men”, a balkanized Club Tune swirling around a deadly Klezmer siren and flavoured with a deep breeze of Drum’n’Bass. Time to lose yourself on the dancefloor.
Strike No. 4 of the new Selection features italian old hand and musical mastermind Giorgio Cencetti better known as DJ FARRAPO (e.g. collaborations with Yanez, Solo Moderna, Jazz.K.Lipa), who turns MUNICIPALE BALCANICA’s catchy “Unique Sun, Unique Blood” into a fluffy, latin-flavoured party hymn, which is pretty hard not to dance to.
Last stop of this musical journey is Wuppertal/Hamburg, where the mighty MASH & MUNKEE (e.g. collaborations with BadboE, Vono Box, Bahama Soul Club, Flevans) created “Maharani Soul”, a jazzy Dub’n’Bass Tune based on a smooth reggae rhythm.